Air traffic controllers pen Open Letter

Belgian air traffic controllers have written an open letter to the CEO of Skeyes, the Belgian air traffic control agency, after Johan Decuyper suggested that only a few air traffic controllers were taking his business hostage.

Last Sunday Johan Decuyper noted that a silent majority of air traffic controllers were "dutiful people".  In their open letter the air traffic controllers insist that a majority of their number support strike protests.  The air traffic controllers insist that all the signatories of their open letter reject the agreement “imposed” by management and support "necessary actions".

The letter notes that the "silent majority" favour a high quality and high safety service.  Over 80 of the country's 265 air traffic controllers have signed the letter.  A resolution to the dispute is not in the offing.  Both parties are attempting to win their case via the media.  The Christian union wants a social mediator to be appointed to unblock the situation.  It insists there are several points of dispute, not just the night shift.

The management are willing to accept a social mediator but only if the protest strikes stop.

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