Only in Belgium! Woman gives birth on Leuven pavement!

A woman has given birth on a busy Leuven thoroughfare.  The highly pregnant woman was ambling along a busy Tiensesteenweg when her body decided it was time!

Fortunately the woman received help from a passer-by, a female student, and a local chemist was on hand.  "I was standing in my chemist's shop, when a student rushed in” says Nico.  “She said a woman was giving birth on the pavement.  I went to get some towels to wrap the baby in.  I have no experience with child birth, but I told them to keep the baby warm.  Fortunately, shortly afterwards a doctor drove by on his bike.  He enquired if he could help, but just at that minute the ambulance arrived and he let them get on with it!"

The chemist said the woman remained calm throughout: "She was lying on the pavement peacefully, waiting for the ambulance.  And then the baby popped out.  It was a beautiful family scene.  Mum and daughter are doing well.  Strange things have happened outside our door before and not always with a good ending! It was nice to experience this joyful event.  Really special! We won't see this twice!"

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