3 Belgians detained after 360kg of cocaine is found on cruise ship in Brazil

3 Belgians are among 16 people detained by police in the Brazilian port of Santos. They were detained on Wednesday they were found to be carrying a total 360kg of cocaine was as they tried to board a cruise ship at the port. 

The Brazilian police detained the 16 as they were about to board the cruise ship Costa Favolosa. They are 8 men and 8 women. The cruise ship was moored at Santos, in the state of Sao Paolo.

The Costa Favolosa was due to set sail for Europa within the next few days. Meanwhile, the Belgian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that three Belgians were among those detained.

They were each carrying between 16 and 19kg of cocaine in their luggage. In addition to the drugs they also had around 1,000 US dollars in cash on their person when they were detained. The Belgian Foreign Minister will continue to monitor the case.   

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