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Brexit shambles: Mr Verhofstadt shows way out of the crisis

Guy Verhofstadt, former Belgian PM and Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament (EP), has said that he expects that the UK will formulate a new proposal for Brexit based on a customs union.  The liberal group leader in the EP was speaking on VRT TV.

Mr Verhofstadt looked ahead to the next stage of the indicative votes in the Westminster Parliament on Monday.  Eight different proposals failed to gain a majority last week, but says Mr Verhofstadt: "There was nearly a majority for a customs union with the EU. Rejected proposals will be whittled down and combined and can be voted on on Monday and possibly also on Wednesday."

"If the proposal for a customs union passes, the EU is prepared to renegotiate the political declaration - on future relations between the UK and the EU - and to incorporate a customs union."

"If the political declaration is modified, a majority should materialise in the Commons because there's cross-party co-operation between Labour and the Tories."

"The new political declaration can be approved at the European summit on 10 April allowing the Brits to formalise their legislation by 22 May."

Mr Verhofstadt doesn't believe in the chances of a new referendum.

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