Manhunt on Antwerp orbital

Antwerp police last night staged a manhunt across the Antwerp ring road.  Police were hot on the heels of three individuals.  They finally ended up in the Antwerp district of Borgerhout where they stopped the car, but the hunted men managed to get away on foot.

The chase started after a car avoided a police checkpoint and a bed of nails in the Netherlands and crashed into a police vehicle.  It proceeded at break-neck speeds of over 200 km/hour for many kilometres. When the car stopped due to a puncture, the three men ran off. Police fired several warning shots and finally managed to arrest the three individuals.

All three men are of Kurdish-Iranian extraction.  It's not yet known why they fled from the police or why the police were so eager to detain them.

Two of the men are aged 29 and 31.  The third is believed to be a minor.  They are being questioned today and will have their day in court tomorrow. 

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