Russia targets Belgium in fake news campaign

Russian and Iranian news websites are today claiming that Belgium is planning a gas attack on Syria.  Here, the reports have been unveiled as "fake news". 

The reports cite the Russian major general Viktor Kupchishin, who claims Belgium is planning a chemical attack on northern Syria.  Russia's media outlet claims Belgium is operating together with France and the terrorist outfit Al-Qaeda.

The Russian general speaks of a false flag operation suggesting Russia will later be blamed for the attack.  VRT's Jens Franssen points out that Belgium has been a favourite target for Russian disinformation in the past: "The Russians are creating a smokescreen and are blaming western intelligence services for a war crime, while at the same time sowing confusion.  In the past chemical weapons have been used in Syria shortly before or after such reports."

The OPCW, the UN independent watchdog, repeatedly identified Syria as the culprit of chemical weapons’ attacks.

Jens Franssen: "It shouldn't be a surprise the Russians are targeting Belgium.  Belgium possesses a weak security culture and is seen as a loser within NATO."

(archive photo)

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