14-year-old badly injured after tumble off Bruges roof

A boy of 14 is badly injured after he fell over 6.5 metres (over 21 feet) from the roof of an empty hangar in the West Flemish city of Bruges.  The teenager was playing with friends when the unfortunate event happened.

The accident occurred on Saturday evening in the heart of Bruges.  Three youngsters had climbed onto the roof by scaling several walls and crossing a number of flat rooves.

The 14-year-old fell when one of the corrugated asbestos plates gave way.  The youngster experienced a hard landing on the concrete floor.  There was nothing to break his fall as the hangar has been empty for several years now.  Fortunately, the lad's buddies were on hand to alert the Bruges emergency services.

Bruges fire brigade's special climbers' team was called in to free the youth from what is something of a labyrinth. They were joined by an emergency doctor who provided first aid.  The boy was then taken to hospital where he's being treated for several fractures.

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