Five demonstrations in Brussels on Sunday

The cost of living, the climate, abortion pro and contra and constraints on creativity all got people on the move!

Yellow vest Hi-Viz protesters gathered at the North Station at 1PM for a major demonstration against the cost of living.  This protest is scheduled to conclude at 6:30PM. 

Protesters clashed with police during the march and tension was high.

Some 8,000 climate protesters starting out from the North Station  too are protesting: youngsters, students, concerned citizens and several associations.  They are bound for the Jubel Park (Cinquantenaire) and wish to impress on Belgian and European politicians the need to take action against climate change.  At times the two demos got a bit mixed up and police had to cordon off Hi-Viz protesters that were intefering with the other march. Windows were shattered. Scores of demonstrators were arrested. One police officer was injured.

The Poelaertplein, outside the Palace of Justice, is the scene for those gathering for the March For Life, a demo against abortion that started at 2:30PM. with 500 participants.  The Europakruispunt, outside the Central Station, is the venue for pro-abortion demonstrators of March 4 Life.  Here 100 gathered.

People unhappy with Article 13 that the European Parliament passed last week are protesting too.  The article regulates social media in the digital age. The Schumanplein outside Berlaymont is the venue. Here protesters the few that gathered claimed that the reforms damage creativity and the digital economy.

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