Limburg municipality removes signs displaying hateful message

The Limburg municipality of Lommel has removed 41 signs believed to have been placed by the radical right-wing organisation Voorpost. The “Caution illegal immigrants crossing” signs will also be the subject of a complaint to be lodged by the local authority against those believed to have placed them.  

Lommel, a small town in the north of Limburg Province, is home to an asylum centrum that houses 800 people. Recently the Federal Government decided that the centre will remain open for the foreseeable future, a decision that is not without controversy.     

The Mayor of Lommel Bob Nijs (Christian democrat) has condemned the actions of those that put up the signs.

"The worst thing of all was that the signs were mainly put up near to schools where some children from the asylum centre are pupils. I believe that it is inappropriate that the children are being confronted with this”.  

Mr Nijs believes that Voorpost is responsible as stickers from the radical right-wing groups have been stuck to lampposts near to where the signs have been erected.   

The Mayor of Lommel told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that “We want to know who is behind this. Furthermore, a clear signal needs to be given that we not tolerate these kinds of messages.  

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