New local elections in Limburg municipality?

The Council of State Auditor has upheld a complaint lodged by the Christian Democrat politician Johan Sauwens (photo above) about irregularities during last October’s municipal elections in Bilzen (Limburg province). It is now possible that the election could be void and the people of Bilzen asked to vote again for their municipal council. 

From the outset Johan Sauwens of the local list ‘Trots op Bilzen’ (proud of Bilzen) has been convinced that there were irregularities in last October’s municipal vote in Bilzen.

Despite having gained the greatest number of votes, Mr Sauwens list was not asked to join the coalition. Previously, Mr Sauwens had seen a complaint he had lodged rejected by the Council for Electoral Disputes.

However, he then went to the Council of State. The Council of State Auditor has now said that Mr Sauwens’ claim that in a number of polling stations more or less ballot papers were counted than had been printed.

The Auditor also says that the municipal elections in Bilzen must now be declared invalid and that in principle new municipal must be held.   

On Friday the final evidence will be heard in the case. Then magistrates will consider the case. They will have up two weeks to reach a decision.  

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