Nicolas Maeterlinck

Police launch blitz on speeding motorists

Police across the continent of Europe are staging a co-ordinated action against speeding.  Mobile and fixed speed cameras are being used to carry out massive checks on drivers also in Belgium.

The blitz started at 6AM in Belgium when federal police joined 127 local forces to clamp down on speeding motorists. In Belgium such operations are usually known as "flash marathons".  Police are out on highways and byways with their equipment in an attempt to convince drivers to moderate their speed.

The present operation will last till 6AM on Thursday.  It is being mirrored across 25 other states.  Belgian police say that they hope to have to issue as few police reports as possible and believe a change in mentality can but improve traffic safety.  Fewer accidents and fewer injuries as a result of speed should be the result.

Research undertaken by the traffic safety institute VIAS shows that flash marathons do lead to a change in drivers' behaviour.  VIAS measured motorists' speeds during the marathon and at the same spots a week earlier and noticed that drivers were moderating their speed during the marathon.

Last time such an operation was launched in 2018 police recorded 27,877 speeding motorists: a reduction of 5,000 compared with the previous outing of the flash marathon.

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