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What can I do to prevent skin cancer?

The dramatic figures with regard to the rise of skin cancer are focussing minds.  Thomas Maselis, the Belgian president of Euromelanoma, the association of GPs that campaigns for action on skin cancer, says we should treat sunlight with greater care. Doctors point especially to our irrational behaviour during the holidays. Here are a set of tips that can help you to avoid this disease by behaving differently on holiday.

Best to stay in the shade during the hours when the sun is at its hottest: from 11AM to 4PM.

If you do venture out into the sun, wear enough clothes.  Children should wear a bathing T-shirt when they go swimming as well as a sunhat.

This also goes for adults.  Sunglasses are advisable in strong sunlight too.

Use sufficient sun cream too on exposed skin.  Combine all three measures as much as possible to provide sufficient protection to the sun's rays.

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