Election2019: Mr Michel vows to block further state reforms

Prime Minister Charles Michel (Francophone liberal) is taking a stand against any new state reforms after the 26 May general election.  Posting on Twitter Mr Michel spoke of “community madness” with regard to the list of constitutional articles that a parliamentary select committee judged ripe for revision.

On Tuesday a select committee identified a series of constitutional articles that if approved by the full outgoing parliament could be revised by the new parliament after the election.

Mr Michel has now indicated that as prime minister he will oppose the approval of this list. The list needs to be approved by the two houses of parliament but also by the Belgian government.  The prime minister's tweet doesn't suggest he will be very amenable in government to approving the list. It looks like Mr Michel's Francophone liberals will be keen to fight the election as the party that opposes further state reforms.

The select committee approved the revision of 40 articles of Belgium's basic law.  Debate in parliament today showed that Flemish and Francophone parties have different plans for the constitution.  Mr Michel's Francophone liberals are eager to approve fewer articles up for revision than in 2014. The Flemish nationalists, greens and liberals have asked for the select committe's list to be adopted. Flemish liberal Dewael insisted the current caretaker government should follow the committee's lead, but PM Michel insisted he would "oppose the risk of community chaos".


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