Party suspends local Chair after Nazi salute

The far-right party Vlaams Belang has suspended the Chairwoman of its branch in the Limburg town of Sint-Truiden after emerged a photograph of her making a Nazi salute. The party has initiated proceedings to expel Katrina Langlet, who is standing on its list for the elections to the Chamber of Representatives.    

The Vlaams Belang member of the Flemish Parliament Chris Janssens, who is the party’s Chairman in Limburg Province, told journalist that “This kind of behavior is unacceptable”.

"We have relieved Katrina Langlet of her duties as Chair of Vlaams Belang Sint-Truiden and we have started an internal procedure to revoke her membership. During this procedure she will be given the chance to put forward her defence”.    

Ex-partner released photo

The photograph was made public by an ex-partner of Ms Langlet.

"We regret what has happened. The photograph was taken at the end of last year before she was a member of our party. It was taken at a private part when she was drunk. However, this doesn’t alter the fact that we don’t accept this kind of behavior. This detracts from all the good work done by all the other activists”, Mr Janssens added. 

Too late to scrap her from the list

Nevertheless, Katrina Langlet will remain 10th candidate for Vlaams Belang in the elections for the Chamber of Representatives on 26 May.

“We can’t do anything about that now. We presented the lists last Friday and we are no longer able to replace any candidates on them. So she will just have to remain on the list”, Mr Janssens said.  


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