Farmers stage protest alongside Tour of Flanders route

The farming organisation Algemeen Boerensysndicaat has staged a number of small-scale protests along the route on the Tour of Flanders cycle race. The farmers wanted to vent their concerns about the new Manure Action Plan and draw attention to the financial problems faced by many farming families.    

Algemeen Boerensyndicaat’s Lieven De Stoppeleire told VRT News that the protests were above all meant to be amusing and it was not the intention of anyone to disrupt the race.

Banners and slogans have been place in a number of fields along the route.  

"The intention is that they will be visible when aerial footage of the race is shown. This is visual protest aimed at those watching the Tour on television”, Mr De Stoppeleire said.  

He added that he found it regrettable that farmers had not received any reaction to the issues they had raised.

"It is frustrating to see that we can’t count on any understanding from the Agriculture Minister”.

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