Dancing teacher accused of rape

Antwerp prosecutors have arrested a dancing teacher from Boechout on suspicion of rape.  They have been investigating the case since last summer when a complaint was made.  So far four victims have been identified including three minors.

The suspect was detained last week and charged with rape, sexual assault and encouraging gross indecency.

The suspect worked for the VRT and was one of the people who conceived a popular series on our children's TV channel Ketnet, but the events are believed to have taken place before his involvement with the Flemish public broadcaster.

The suspect also worked as a dancing teacher and his victims are all thought to be pupils.  The man's lawyer told VRT: "We regret the investigation has received attention in the media.  I'm only prepared to say that there is a broader context which will become clear later on."

Maarten Janssen, Ketnet's manager says he's shocked: "Yes, it's given us quite a fright, but we will have to await the outcome of the investigation."

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