Youths raid Okay supermarket

Three masked and armed youths raided an outlet of the Okay supermarket in Huizingen on Saturday night.  Two of the three gangsters, teenagers from Tubize, were soon identified and arrested.  A third gangster remains on the run.

The three youngsters staged the hold-up around 6PM when the store was full of people.  Nancy was shopping with her son and had finally reached the check-out where she had just punched in her PIN-code: "While they nervously brandished their weapons, they shouted in French saying that they wanted the content of the tills.  One was standing straight in front of me.  While he shoved the cash from the register in his trouser pockets he continued to eye me.  You could hear a pin drop in the store."

Nancy was really shocked: "I didn't dare to look at my son.  My son saw that the gangster at our check-out had armed his weapon.  It all went so fast but for us it seemed to last an eternity.  You never expect anything like this in your local supermarket."

The thieves got away with around 400 euros.  Two of the gangsters escaped on foot, the third fled by car.  Police deployed a chopper to track down the two on foot, who were identified as locals from Tubize aged 17 and 18.

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