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Brussels not the end of the line for Noah’s Train

Noah’s Train, a freight train decorated by artists in order to raise awareness about climate change, hasn’t reached its final destination after all. The train arrived in Brussel in February after having made its way from the Polish city of Katowice where to COP 24 Climate Conference was held at the end of last year. Brussels was to have been the end of the line for the Noah’s Train.

However, now Rail Freight Forward, a coalition of European rail freight operators and associations that want to drastically reduce the negative impact of road freight transport on our environment, has decided that the train will continue its journey, this time heading south to Italy.      

Those behind Noah's Train want the percent of freight transported by rail to have increased to 30% by 2030. Rail freight uses just 1/6 of the energy required by lorries for the same tonnage. Rail freight also emits just a ninth of the CO2 emitted by road freight vehicles.    


The longest travelling work of art

After stops in Vienna, Berlin and Paris Noah’s train arrived at Schaarbeek Station in Brussels on 20 February. At every stop two containers that had been decorated by local street artists were added to the train.  

The Belgian artists Bart Boudewijns (alias Smok) and Yvan Tordoir (alias Rise One) decorated the containers that were added in Schaarbeek.

The train should arrive in Rome at the beginning of May. 

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