Fourth minor detained in connection with Antwerp metro attack

A fourth minor has been detained in connection with a violent mugging that took place in an underground tram station in Antwerp at the weekend. The Judicial Authorities want to send the teenager to a secure young offenders facility like the three other suspects that were detained earlier.    

A film that was circulated on social media over the weekend showed how a 17-year-old boy threatened, robbed and kicked a man in his 50’s in the head at the Astrid underground tram station in Antwerp. The shouth shouted “your wallet or your head” at the man before kicking him in the head.   

On Monday two youths, including to boy that carried out the assault, appeared before a Juvenile Magistrate. They were both sent to the maximum security young offenders facility at Everberg in Flemish Brabant.

A third suspect, a 16-year-old boy suspected of having filmed the assault, was sent to the Everberg detention facility on Tuesday morning.  

At just 15, the fourth suspect is the youngest detained so far. He will appear before a Juvenile Magistrate on Wednesday morning. The Judicial Authorities are requesting that he too is sent to a secure young offenders facility. 

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