Pine Martin spotted in the Sonien Forest

A pine martin has been spotted in the Brussels section of the Sonien Forest. On March 21 the nature organisation Natuurpunt was able to shoot some unique footage of the creature (see film below) that is threatened with extinction in Belgium. 

Patrick Huvenne of the Nature and Woodland Agency told VRT Radio 2 that "Two years ago a dead pine martin was found on the Lorraine Dreef in the Brussels-Capital Region. However, it really is a very long time ago since we have seen one that is alive. The animals live a very reclusive life and are difficult to spot”.  

During the day pine martins hide in the trees, coming out at night to search for food.

Natuurpunt has cameras in place to observe any movements by badgers or pine martins. It is not known how old the animal is or whether it is male or female.

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