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Sustainable bond issue raises 750 million euro in one day for the Flemish exchequer.

Last week the sustainable bond issue by the Flemish Government appears to have been a great success. In just one day the bonds issue raised a total 750 million euro. The Flemish Government intends to use the cash for sustainable and social projects such as the construction of schools and projects that support energy efficiency.      

The Flemish Finance, Budget and Energy Minister Lydia Peeters (liberal) told VRT News that “Flanders is able to benefit from favourable market conditions. The fact that there is so much interest, also from foreign investors, proves that Flanders is a strong brand and sustainability is an extra trump card”.     

This is the second time in 6 months that the Flemish Community has issued sustainable bonds. These are bonds, the aim of which is to attract funding for sustainable or social investment.   

The first bonds’ issue in mid-November 2018 raised 500 million euro from 61 institutional in 11 countries.

The interest was even greater this time around with 117 potential investors from 14 countries. A total of 750 million euro was raised. The bonds run for 25 years and have a yield of 1.567%.     

The Flemish Energy Minister Lydia Peeters is a happy woman "The historically low interest and the 25 year running time will give Flanders the breathing space to be able to plan long term projects”. 

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