Twins let off assault charge as court unable to decided who is who

The Criminal Court in Leuven has granted an unconditional discharge to two twin brothers that were being tried for assault after a fight in a snack bar.  The two brothers were being tried for assault after a man was punched on the nose at the Citysnack snack bar on the Mechelsestraat in Leuven on 24 October 2015. The footage also shows that one of twins tried twice to prevent his brother striking a blow before he finally hit his victim.   

Due to the strong physical resemblance the police and the victim were unable to distinguish between the two. CCTV images were no help either.

One of the twins said that the victim had laughed at his brother when he fell of his bike. “I held my brother back when he tried to hit the man. In the end I struck the blow myself”. However, this version of events doesn’t tie in with the CCTV images.  

The court rule that there wasn’t enough evidence to find both the brothers guilty. “One tried to stop his brother and as such not be considered to be an accomplice. The investigation shows that one of the brothers struck a blow, but it is not certain which of the two did so”, the trial judge said.  

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