Stud bull breaks penis when chopper lands in its meadow

A farmer from Houthulst in West Flanders is demanding 4,000 euros in compensation after an emergency helicopter landed on his land and frightened his prize stud bull.  The poor creature caught such a fright that it broke its penis.

The helicopter was attending a medical emergency.  Precisely at the moment the chopper landed the poor bull was satisfying its urges and hard at work on a cow.

The farmer's lawyer Thomas Bailleul: "Because of all the racket the stud bull made a wrong movement during intercourse”.

The farmer is seeking a mere 4,000 euros in compensation for what happened.  That's the price he paid for the bull.  The farmer's lawyer has already contacted the insurance company that insured the emergency helicopter, but they have not yet had the time to respond.  The poor bull seems bound for the slaughterhouse.

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