University rectors head climate demo

Belgian university rectors are at the head of the Youth For Climate march in Brussels.  It's the 14th week this year that school children and students take to the streets to pile pressure on politicians to take action against climate change.

A thousand protesters started out from the North Station in Brussels this morning.  Numbers have dwindled but the people behind the march are determined to continue at least until the 26 May general election.

This week the head of the march included Rik Van de Walle, the rector of Ghent University, Caroline Pauwels, the rector of the Flemish Free University of Brussels, the VUB, as well as the rectors of the Francophone universities of Louvain-la-Neuve, Saint-Louis and Namur.

For Prof Van de Walle the results of scientific research must be taken into account in the debate: "It's not up to scientists to pursue policies, but they should provide the basis for policy.  The youngsters asked us to be here to point this out.  I'm here as rector to represent the world of science.  It's especially important this week during the Easter break to support them and emphasise that they should continue their efforts."

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