Belgian jihadi sentenced in their absence

A court in Brussel has handed out jail sentences to three IS terrorists. As none of the three were at their trail they were sentenced in their absence. They are believed to be still in Syria. One of those sentences is a leader figure in Sharia4Belgium.

He was given 10 years, the other two were sentenced to 5 years in prison.

The three jihadi left for Syria a number of years ago to join the Islamist terror group IS. One of three men sentenced is Azeddine Kbir Bounekoub. He had already been sentence to 15 years for his role in Sharia4Belgium. He has now been given 10 years on top of this.    

One of the two men that have been given 5 years is Hamsa Nmili from Vilvoorde. Last year he gave an interview from his prison cell to VRT News’ Rudi Vranckx. Hamsa Nmill left Belgium for Syria in 2013.

The trial judge ordered the immediate arrest of all three men as soon as they are intercepted on Belgian soil.  

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