Big turnout at wolf information evening

An information evening about wolves in the Limburg municipality of Peer on Thursday evening attracted a big turnout. Concerned sheep-farmers learned that they could claim subsidies to help pay for fences to keep wolves away from their livestock. Those present at the meeting had a lot of questions and the question and answer session lasted more than an hour. 

Two wolves that have been called Naya and August have been in the north of Limburg province for more than a year now. Sheep farmers are often confronted with livestock that has been bitten to death and this serves to create fear and frustration. This is why the Nature and Woodland Agency organised a first information evening for concerned owners of livestock.     

Those that attended the meeting were given information about subsidies they could claim to help pay for measures to protect their animals against for wolves. 

Subsidies cover 80% of the cost of fence

Livestock owners that install an anti-wolf fence will be reimburse for up 80% of the cost up to a maximum sum of 7,500 euro.  

One farmer told VRT Radio 2 Limburg that “This could go as step further as far as we are concerned. If we have to live alongside the wolf, we feel that all expenses should be covered”.

The livestock holders were advised to report any suspected incident of a sheep having been bitten to death by a wolf to the Nature and Woodland Agency straight away.

Forester Eddy Ulenaers told VRT News that  “DNA can confirm 100% whether it was a wolf”.

“But this is not always the case. Paw prints and eating habits can tell us more about which animal it was. As a forester I make the declaration, I write a report and the samples then go to the lab. If it is certain that a wolf was responsible the damage is repaid”.

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