Halle is ready for its Bluebell Festival

The Flemish Brabant town of Halle is ready to welcome the thousands of visitors that go there every year told admire the bluebells in the Hallerbos woods. From today those that wish to can take a special “bluebell bus” from the town centre to the woods that are located on the southeastern fridge of the town that is just over 15km southwest of Brussels. A team of 40 volunteer is also on hand to advise and assist visitors.

The Mayor of Halle Marc Snoeck (socialist) told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that he hopes that this year visitors to the Hallerbos will also take time to visit the town as well.

The town authorities want to ensures that as many people as possible to to the Hallerbos by bus or by bike.

"We have made good preparations with the help our volunteers and the Nature and Woodland Agency. We want to encourage thousands of visitors to use the Bluebell Bus that has been provided by the Flemish Regional Authorities and runs from Halle Railway Station to the heart of the woods. In addition to this we want to encourage people to come by bike so that as few cars as possible drive through the woods”, Mr Snoeck said.  

Don’t walk on the flowers

40 volunteers are on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly. "They will help visitors and keep an eye on things. It is important that visitors stay on the paths and done walk in between the flowers because our flowers are beautiful but also fragile. Our volunteers will ensure that everything runs smoothly and no one gets lost. After it is and remains a wood and not a park”, Mr Snoeck added.

After having visited the bluebells the town authorities are keen that visitors all get to know the town centre. With its good selection of small shops, plenty of places to eat and drink and a number of historic buildings, including a basilica, there are plenty of reasons to visit the centre of Halle.

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