RSC Anderlecht to be fined 50,000 euro

Belgian professional football’s ruling body has said that Friday evening’s incidents that led to the Play-off I game between Standard de Liège and RSC Anderlecht being abandoned won’t go unpunished. In a tweet posted just after the match referee decided that the game could no longer continue due to the misbehaviour of Anderlecht fan the Pro League wrote: "The Pro League regrets the premature end of this evening’s sporting battle that was the result of irresponsible use of pyrotechnic material”.

"Sanctions will be imposed in accordance with the internal rules of the Pro League and the displinary procedures that will be initiated by the Football Association.”

Friday evening’s game between Standard and Anderlecht was abandoned after just over half an hour of play as Anderlecht fans had repeatedly thrown Bengal-lights and smoke bombs onto the pitch.

Meanwhile, the Pro League has said that in accordance with its rules, RSC Anderlecht will be fined 50,000 euro. This is the statuary sum payable by a club (or clubs) when a match is forced to be abandoned due to the misbehaviour of supporters. This is 25,000 euro in the event that a match is temporarily halted as a result of fan misbehaviour.  

The fine will still have to be approved by the Pro League’s Board that meets for the next time on 7 June. However, given Friday’s events this will be no more than a formality.  

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