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“No evidence of spying by Huawei in Belgium”

According to the findings of an investigation carried out by the Belgian Centre for Cyber Security (CCB), there is no evidence that the Chinese technology giant Huawei is involved in espionage here in Belgium. The investigation’s finding form the basis of an article in Monday’s edition of the daily ‘De Standaard’.  At the start of the year the US authorities warned Belgium of suspected espionage activity on the part of Huawei. The Americans accuse the technology company of industrial espionage and believe that Huawei has close links to the Chinese government. 



Huawei doesn’t only produce smartphone. It is also one of the largest supplies of mobile phone masts. A number of European countries hope to enlist Huawei’s service for the roll out of their respective 5G networks. The American are not happy about this and are reported to have exerted pressure on a number of country to get them to no longer use any Huawei products for their data networks.

Nevertheless, the CCB’s investigation has found no evidence that the warning issued by the United States was valid.  A CCB spokesperson told ‘De Standaard’ that "Up to now we have found no sufficient indication that would allow us to say that Huawei poses a threat. There will be no definite report on this as it is something that we are constantly following up”.   

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