Insulation material has never been cheaper

Once again it has become cheaper to insulate your home. The financial daily ‘De Tijd’ reports that the most popular insulation materials have never been cheaper. This follows a price peak in 2017 that was caused by issues with the production of MDI, a base product for insulation material.   

Pur and pir plates account for 60% of all insulation material sold in Belgium.

Between March and September 2017 a square metre of pur and pir plate insulation cost around 22.10 euro. Since then the price has fallen to a record low of 13.90 euro/m².  

However, prices are not expected to fall any more. In fact industry observers predict a price increase from May as the price of MDI is set to rise by 8%.

Although insulation material has fallen in price this won’t make much difference to the total amount it costs to build a house, as you will still need to pay for labour and that constitutes the lion’s share of the cost of insulating a home.   


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