Flemish Riviera: “It’s too early for a dip in the sea!”

Somewhat out of character for Belgium the long Easter weekend promises to be one with glorious weather and lots of sunshine.  Highs of 20°C are expected and many day-trippers are heading for the coast. Beware! If you are thinking of a dip in the waters of the North Sea, think again!

The waters off the Flemish Riviera remain cold and no life guards are on hand just yet. 

Daphné Dumery chairs the coast’s rescue service: “It’s far too dangerous for a dip in the North Sea!  If anybody ventures into the water along the beach, they will soon notice the water is far too cold! “

Even people only venturing into the water up to knee-level are risking their health. Daphné Dumery: “Wading into the water is bad for the circulation of the blood and cannot be recommended!”

The coast remains unguarded.  The first life guards will only appear on May Day.

Daphné Dumery: “It’s hard to organise life guard services so early in the year.  Some resorts have permanent teams, but most employ students doing a holiday job. It’s not easy to find people with the necessary experience just now.”

See anybody in distress in the sea this weekend?  Please alert the emergency services via 112.  They are at the ready all weekend to assist people in distress at sea.

(photo from our achives)

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