Police officer murders wife and children

In Wijnegem, outside Antwerp a police officer killed his wife and children last night.  It’s thought the officer used his police service weapon in the killings.  It is understood that the killings happened after a domestic row got out of hand.

Shortly after midnight police were called to a shooting at a café in Wijnegem (Antwerp Province) where a man had killed his wife and was attempting to end his own life.  Seriously injured he was taken to hospital where he died last night.

The bodies of the couple’s two children, a boy of nine and a girl of eleven, were found at the family’s home.  Both had been killed.

According to Antwerp prosecutors the 50-year-old police officer first shot his children dead at home and made for the café where his wife worked.  The officer had been on the Antwerp force for many years.

He’s believed to have used his police service weapon, though this is a matter of investigation.  Officers can only take police weapons home with the permission of the head of the local police service.  Prosecutors are investigating why the officer had the weapon on him. Antwerp police say the officer didn't have permission to take his own weapon home. 

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