Extra cameras to keep an eye on Limburg’s wolves

A further 15 cameras have been installed at various locations in Limburg Province to help keep tabs on the wolves Naya and August. The cameras have come in addition to the 45 cameras already in place, bring the total number of wolf watch cameras to 60.      

The idea is to be able to observe whether or not the female wolf Naya is pregnant. Although there are no indications that Naya is expecting cubs, Dries Gorissen of the Nature and Woodland Agency told VRT Radio 2 Limburg says that the extra cameras are a good investment.   

“We need a network of cameras to be able to be able to follow what the wolves are up to. We want to learn from it. We can also see if extra measures need to be taken.”

For example, “by observing the wolves’ behaviour we can tell whether Naya is pregnant or not. If they remained in a smaller area than normal and only August (the male) went hunting, it could indicate that little wolves could be on the way”.

Sheep farmers in Limburg are nervous about the prospect of even more wolves. On Thursday 4 sheep were bitten to death by a wolf in the Wauberg area of Peer.    

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