Glorious sunshine: Belgian Rail bumps up services

Another sunny and hot day is in prospect and the glorious weather is set to continue all weekend.  Many people have Monday off too as Easter Monday is a public holiday in Belgium.  To ease overcrowding on services to the coast the Belgian rail company is operating extra services.

Highs of 19°C are forecast for the coast with top temperatures of 26°C in central and northern parts.  Easter Day too augers well with highs of 24°C in the interior.  Easter Monday too will remain dry and sunny with only some high altitude cloud.  Highs of 24°C thanks to air moving in from the south east.

Belgian rail expects many day-trippers to take advantage of the exceptional weather this Easter and is running extra services to the Flemish Riviera with Ostend and Blankenberge as the final destinations.

Belgian Rail's Dimitri Temmerman: "We know an awful lot of people will head for the coast.  We're ensuring they can do this in comfort."

Belgian rail is on stand-by to bump up its services even more if there is the demand, but for now it's taking a wait and see approach. One tip: take advantage of the weekend ticket that gives you a 50% reduction on travel to the coast.

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