Jules Destrooper vows to beat extortionists

The West Flemish biscuit manufacturer Jules Destrooper has pledged to take extra security measures in the light of attempts at extortion.  The famous biscuit manufacturer is only one of a handful of European brands that have been targeted by extortionists.  All received a threatening letter demanding a payment in the virtual currency bitcoin.  Otherwise their produce would be adulterated.

Belgian police have confirmed that the letters to the likes of Ferrero and Lavazza were posted in Belgium and contained a non-toxic substance.

Jules Destrooper, based in Ieper, got a demand for 300,000 euros in bitcoins to be paid by 20 May in a letter containing a white powder.  Otherwise, produce would be adulterated with oleandrin, a toxic substance that causes paralysis of the heart.  The biscuit maker immediately contacted the police.  Jules Destrooper CEO Emmanuel Blomme: "We wish to stress that we will do everything in our power to protect our staff, our production and the biscuits that are produced with so much passion.  There will be greater checks on access to the plant.  There's no reason to panic."

Staff have been asked to be more vigilant in the light of stricter security measures.  Samples of the production will now be taken several times a day.  Any adulteration will be detected straight away.

Jonas Roosens

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