Riders of the Century cause havoc on Antwerp ring

Antwerp police intend to withdraw the driving licence of several bikers who caused havoc on the Antwerp orbital ring road on Saturday.  The bikers were taking part in the ROC Europe bikers' event that involved a journey along the motorway from Antwerp to Ghent and back.  On the Antwerp ring road several bikers disrupted the traffic.

Images shared on the internet show how a large group of bikers disrupt the traffic by doing a wheelie and coming to a halt on the traffic lanes.  The bikers crossed white lines, were not wearing appropriate clothing and several were driving without a number plate.

The disruption occurred despite the fact that Antwerp police accompanied the bikers and had officers both at the head and the rear of the group. Antwerp police's Wouter Bruyns: "It was difficult straight from the start.  People weren't sticking to what was agreed.  Bikers were required to use a sampling breath test before the start.  Some bikers weren't allowed to take part because they were too drunk".

The worst offences happened en route.  Serious offences will lead to a withdrawal of driving licences for a 15-day period.  Some 40 serious offences were recorded.  Federal police too are investigating the matter.

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