Election2019: “1,500 euros minimum wage for all”

“Security for all” is the slogan the Flemish socialists hope will convince voters to cast their ballot in favour of the SP.A party in the 26 May general election.  Socialist leader John Crombez kicked off the SP.A’s campaign in Ghent last weekend with the message that it’s always the same people who have to undergo the cuts and have to pay and that he says should stop!

People are worried about all the bills, their pension and their health care.  The Flemish socialists are arguing in favour of greater security, a job that provides a decent reward, retirement pensions and affordable bills.

John Crombez: “Why should people do their level best every day in a job that doesn’t provide a reward?  Why do people pay taxes if health care and education are creaking through a lack of means and staff? Why contribute all your life if at the end of the day you have to make do with an ashamedly low pension?”

“We’re in politics because we think a good life shouldn’t be reserved for a tiny group, because we feel everybody should have security.”

The SP.A had the Belgian planning office examine their proposals: a minimum pension of 1,500 euros: affordable and feasible.  A minimum wage of 1,500 euros: affordable and feasible.  The same goes for sorting the waiting lists in health care.

John Crombez: “With the SP.A everybody should be assured of these things.  Otherwise they will have to do it without us!”

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