More and more people are preferring to rent a flat rather than a whole house

Last year two out of every three new tenants opted for a flat rather than a house.  Industry figures show that on average new tenants pay 700 euros in rent in Flanders.  The highest prices are paid in Antwerp followed by Leuven.  The Flemish capital is not included in these figures.

Around the year 2000 half of all tenants lived in houses, the other half in flats.  Within fifteen years the number of people renting a flat soared by 20% adding an extra 150,000 flats to the total.  Many houses - an estimate figure is 70,000 - have been taken off the rent market.

For larger families it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a suitable terraced house or semi-detached to rent.  As a result prices have gone up.  Single household residences are now going for 770 euros a month on average in Flanders, 855 euros for semis. Flemish Brabant Province is the most expensive place to rent followed by Antwerp.  West Flanders is the cheapest.

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