Bizarre phone call triggers discovery of weapons and drugs in Zwijndrecht apartment

Police have discovered a massive amount of weapons and drugs in an apartment in Zwijndrecht, close to the city of Antwerp. It is now being investigated whether there is a link with the grenade incidents in Antwerp, Gazet van Antwerpen reports.

Last weekend, a young woman had called an ambulance after she had (allegedly) shot herself in the foot. When emergency services came to the scene, they discovered both weapons and drugs. 

"A first house search led to the discovery of a big amount of cash, a hand grenade, and ammunition. The sweeping was then stopped and the bomb disposal unit was called to the scene to handle the grenade", explains Lieselotte Claessens, spokeswoman of the Antwerp judicial authorities. "The search was continued later on and police found more, including several kilos of cocaine, detonation mechanisms, eight more grenades, explosives and four fire guns."   

The woman was operated on in hospital and will be questioned by investigators. Police are looking for complices to establish a link with a criminal gang. The discovery could mean a breakthrough in the dossier of violent incidents in Antwerp. In recent months, a spate of incidents in the city was linked to drugs gangs, including a couple of grenade blasts.

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