Brussels: “Area around the North Station isn’t safe”

Retailers and residents of the district around the Brussels North Station have handed in a petition to the Mayor of Schaarbeek, Bernard Clerfayt.  Residents and retailers alike say the area isn’t safe and have collected 500 signatures on a petition.

Chemist Jonas has been working in a chemist’s near the North Station for five years and sums up feelings in the area: “The situation has become intolerable.  There’s an atmosphere of insecurity in the afternoon and towards evening.  Lots of youngsters and refugees hang about in and around the station.  It leads to unsafe situations including fights and drug use.  In the mornings there’s an awful lot of rubbish.  The visit of a special team is needed to clear up the mess.”

Jonas is confronted with this every day when he comes to work at 7AM: “I see all the rubbish.  People lie sleeping outside the chemist’s.  Traders, residents and commuters want to see a solution.  Some people simply don’t dare to come to the chemist in the evenings.  We just want a safe work environment.”

Jonas believes his revenue too is falling through the insecurity.

“More police could tackle drugs and fights.  That will make it safer.  With regard to the refugees the situation is more complex.  They need another refuge.”

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