Greens on course to be crowned as biggest party in Brussels

Opinion research conducted on behalf of various Belgian media organisations including VRT News suggests that the green party Ecolo will be the biggest party in the Brussels Region after the general election on 26 May.

The poll result confirms a trend picked up earlier.  The greens are firming support in spectacular fashion.  Ecolo takes a 21.5% share, up 11% compared with 2014.

The socialists of PS are second on 19% and recover from recent poor performances in the polls.  The figure is still 6% under 2014 levels.

The poll is a blow to Didier Reynders, Francophone liberal supremo in the capital.  The Francophone liberals of MR lose nearly 8% in comparison with 2014 stranding on 15.5% in Brussels.  This makes them the third party of Brussels.

The far left PTB picks up nearly 12% of votes in Brussels.

Among Flemish parties, the nationalist N-VA is the biggest on 4.2%.

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