PM Michel’s liberals collapse across Wallonia

An opinion poll commissioned by several media organisations including VRT News just over a month ahead of the general election on 26 May is proving to be a headache for Belgian premier Charles Michel (Francophone liberal).  In Wallonia Mr Michel’s liberal party tumbles 7.5% lower in comparison with five years ago.

In the poll the Francophone liberals of MR pick up an 18.3% share of the vote in Wallonia.  It’s the green party Ecolo that benefits from this collapse.  Mr Michel’s profile has also lost much of its glitter as his figure tumbles in the popularity ratings too.  The poll is also bad news for former PM Elio Di Rupo and the socialists of PS.  They are down 7.3% compared to 2014.  Here Ecolo, the second party of Wallonia, and the far left PTB (communist) gain.  The PS remains the largest Walloon party.

The Christian democrats of CDH lose nearly 5% and finish on 9.3%. 

The greens of Ecolo are the big winners picking up 22% support, an increase of nearly 14%.  The far left PTB makes gains too taking a 14% share in Wallonia.


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