Medieval "motorway" in Asper discovered by accident

In Asper (East Flanders) members of a local tourist board have discovered a cobble-stone road from late medieval times. They did so by accident. 

Volunteers of the tourist organisation VVV 't Gaverland were mapping out a new walk for Heritage Day next Sunday, using historic maps. The focus of the walk will be on the forgotten brick factories in the Scheldt valley. When they noticed that an old road stopped abruptly on the map, they started digging a little further and actually discovered the remnants of and old stretch of road, an old cobble stone road from 1669. 

While old roads from these times were often carved out in the landscape, this one was occupying a higher position than the surroundings land, simply because it was situated in the wet Scheldt valley, which was often flooded. The sediments were perfect for making bricks, by heating the mud and clay found there. The road was used by brick manufacturers. At that time, it was the fastest link between several nearby towns. "It was a fast link at that time, now it has become a slow road for walking and relaxing." 

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