AB InBev presents first "beer boat"

Belgian beer producers AB InBev sent a first shipment of lager from Liège to Antwerp. The aim is to slash the number of trucks on the road. 

AB InBev wants to transport part of its beer by ship. A first shipment of Stella Artois left Liège yesterday, bound for the port of Antwerp. The so-called "beer boats" are expected to keep some 5,000 lorries off the congested Belgian motorways this year. 

Among those attending the event was Prime Minister Charles Michel. "Transport by water should be used more frequently to spare our often congested road system. This is a strong signal", Michel told reporters.

AB InBev hopes to transport 100 container loads by ship every week, from Jupille near Liège via the Albertkanaal to the Antwerp - since 90 percent of the Stella Artois beer is being exported. The beer giants hope to save 10,000 truck rides next year. They have the ambition of reducing CO2 emissions with 25 percent by 2025. 


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