Nicolas Maeterlinck

Ban on disposable plastic cups at festivals and other events as from next year

The Flemish government is stepping up the fight against plastic waste. A formal decision to reduce the number of disposable items had been taken already, and now a concrete measure has been announced: a ban on plastic cups will be imposed an any kind of event, from local urban festivals to major music concerts, as from next year.

Organisers will have to serve the beers, soda, soft drinks and other liquids in re-usable cups and that's not all, as supplies will also have to be environment-friendly. 

Organisers can only flout the ban if they succeed to recycle as much as 90 percent of the plastic waste - 95 percent as from 2022, says Jan Verheyen of the Flemish waste processing agency OVAM. "It will be up to organisers to prove this." This will not be easy: earlier experiments with front stage sorting units were not successful.   

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