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Travel advice for Sri Lanka adapted, TUI cancels trips

The Belgian Foreign Office is advising citizens against going on holiday to Sri Lanka: "Cancel all trips which are not really necessary". One tour operator, TUI, has decided to scrap all holidays for the next two weeks. 

"Terrorists on the run are being tracked down, new attacks can't be excluded. There is higher risk for tensions between the different ethnic groups," the Foreign Office writes on its website. "That's why we advise against all non-essential journeys to Sri Lanka. "

The Netherlands had issued a similar advice yesterday. The yellow alert for Sri Lanka (warning against possible risks) was changed into an orange one (only travel when it's really necessary). "The security situation is volatile and unpredictable", it was said. 

The Belgian tour operator TUI will scrap all package holidays for at least two weeks. At the moment, TUI has 11 travellers in Sri Lanka. They have the chance to come back earlier. Connections have 25 clients on the island: "We will contact all of them individually to inform them about the new situation."

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