Belliard Street to get safer cycle lanes: extra jams expected

The busy Belliardstraat in Brussels will see the number of lanes for cars reduced from five to four. Cyclists for will get some more space, but only a little, as two new cycle lanes (both ways) will be created. 

The cycle lanes should also be safer: in the nearby Wetstraat, a small strip at both sides of the busy lane has to be shared by cyclists and pedestrians, which can cause dangerous situations. In Belliard, the sidewalk will be a little bit higher to avoid this kind of incidents, while concrete blocks will separate the cycle lane from the busy street. 

The Wetstraat, the main entering gate for centre-bound traffic in the capital, still has four lanes for motorists, while pedestrians and cyclists have to be content with a small lane at both sides. Belliard, the main artery for outgoing motorists, now boasts five lanes, but this will be rediced to four.

The Brussels Mobility Minister Pascal Smet (Flemish socialists) hopes that the infrastructure works will not cause too many traffic jams.   

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