Body of murdered 9-year-old Daniël to be repatriated to Lebanon

The corpse of the 9-year-old Palestinian-Lebanese boy who was found murdered in a centre for asylum seekers in Broechem (Antwerp province) will be transferred to the Middle East. The investigation into his death is still ongoing.

After the autopsy had been finished, the judicial authorities released the corpse. A funeral ceremony was held in a Brussels mosque, and the body will next be repatriated to Lebanon. The exact cause of death has not been established yet. Daniël had been staying with his mother in the reception centre for five months and was going to school in the area. 

The child's father lives in Lebanon after the parents separated. He said that the boy and the mother travelled through Turkey and Spain, taking a taxi in the final stage to reach Belgium.

Yesterday, reports emerged that the boy's family may have been the victim of extortion, but the father denies owing money to human traffickers. "I don't have any debts. The two paid 10,000 dollars each, so 20,000 in total. Afterwards, nobody contacted me for more money. Both have been there for five months and nobody asked me for more cash. Really nobody."

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