First group buy programme for electric cars is a success: "It's a topic in Flemish households"

The first collective buying initiative for electric cars is a success. 80 vehicles have already been sold and that's a lot, says Bobex, the company that organised the programme for the Flemish government. "We also see that many people have got acquainted with electric cars."

Bobex is a platform which brings companies that find it hard to sell their products into contact with potential buyers. It launched the first collective buying initiative for electric cars at the request of the Flemish government early this year, and now the results have been released. 

The programme still runs for 18 days, but until today 2,655 people registered on the website About 1,600 went to a car dealer, with half of them venturing out on the road to make a test drive. This finally resulted in 80 electric vehicles being sold.  

A selling ratio of 5 percent is a success. In the segment of electric cars, it's exceptional

80 vehicles being sold, this is quite a success, explains Jean-Louis Van Marcke of Bobex. "This is 5 percent of the people who went to see an electric car dealer. In the automobile sector, this kind of selling ratio is a success, in the segment of electric cars it's even exceptional."

And there's more. "Nowadays electric cars are associated with companies and governments, leasing programmes and company cars. The share of individual purchases is small. Thanks to this programme, we sent 1,600 people to a car dealer, with 720 taking a test ride. It is becoming a topic in households." 

Major discounts are being granted, which can also explain the success. These can total some 9,000 euros, which means you can buy an electric car for 16,000 euros. Van Marcke: "The budget is a major factor. 44 percent of the people taking part in our poll, said electric cars are still too expensive."  

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