Hilde Crevits for Flemish PM: the first woman at the helm of Flanders? 

The Flemish Christian democrats of CD&V are proposing the present Education Minister Hilde Crevits to become the new Flemish PM after the elections, the VRT reports. Ms Crevits will thus become the big challenger of Bart De Wever (N-VA) on 26 May. Her candidacy should become official tomorrow. 

Hilde Crevits, now often attacked by the Flemish nationalists of N-VA for her education policies, may become the big challenger of Bart De Wever to succeed Geert Bourgeois (N-VA) who chose to take part in the European elections. 

Hilde Crevits, who will head CD&V's West-Flemish list, is among Belgium's most popular politicians. The latest popularity poll put Bart De Wever on top as the most popular politician, followed by Theo Francken and Hilde Crevits. She will try to become the first woman at the helm of Flanders.

However, as the Flemish PM normally comes from the biggest party, and with N-VA still being listed with almost the double the amount of votes in the latest soundings taken from the public, Hilde Crevits should hope that a coalition will be made without the N-VA after 26 May. 

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